Woody Dean

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Duo / Trio / Band

Smooth & Groove were one of Qld's highest in demand groups, performing the "Club Circuit" for over 25 years. Providing 1st Class Production, Presentation, and Entertainment.

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WOODY DEAN: (Smooth) Keyboards / Vocals:

      Woody has achieved success in Theatrical productions with Lead Roles played in 'Jack The Ripper', 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum', and 'Grease', in which he was understudy to world renowned performer Rob Guest. He also appeared on the New Zealand television show 'When The Haka Became Boogie'.

      Woody has gained respect and admiration from his friends and colleagues, and has performed with many International and National artists and groups.


RAYMOND SOLOMON: (Groove) Vocals:

      Raymond Hepi Haika - Solomon is one of New Zealand's finest musicians, playing, recording & entertaining on a regular basis throughout the country.

      Ray's first Country Music Award won was the Morrinsville Waikato Awards in 1987 that gave him entry to the New Zealand Entertainer of the Year 1987. This was an experience of a lifetime,and a privilege to be one of the entertainers competing. After that he won the Tauranga Star Awards in 1998 then won a few smaller awards around the country.


LINDA STREET: (Groove) Vocals:

      Linda's Charmfull Vocal abilities and Cute appearance shine on stage. Performing with Starstruck Show Band, Hotpoints, Scandal and touring NZ as Frieda in The SuperTrouper Show has given Linda some great experience to share with Smooth & Groove.

      Linda is also one of those gifted ladies who not only can sing a great song, but also flavours the music tastefully with some rich harmonies. She sings a variety of styles of music ranging from Disco, Funk, Soul, Rock, Ballads, Country and Rock 'n' Roll.

Linda Street

SCOTT SULLIVAN: (Smooth) Guitar / Vocals:

      Scotty's Smooth Vocal abilities and Groovy Guitar licks shine on stage, and add the spark to Smooth & Groove's performance. Performing with numerous groups in Qld, and as a Soloist, has given Scotty great experience to share with Smooth & Groove.

      Scotty's Rich harmonies and tasteful Groovy Guitar chops really put the S in the Smooth & the G in the Groove, which is very much appreciated by all of our Smooth & Groove followers.

Scott Sullivan

Smooth & Groove are a Dynamic Vocal/Keyboard/Guitar Harmony Duo/Trio/Band.
They Have a Big Band quality sound that captivates audiences of all age groups.
Their Professional Presentation, Personality and Musicianship is appreciated by
Audiences, Agents & Venue Management throughout Qld.
These Fine Entertainers will take you on a trip from the 60's, 70's, 80's, & 90's.
Hey! Itís Party Time!


Email: woody@woodydean.com


Woody Dean

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